Promarker Set1 12 Colours + 1 Blender Pen Set

Promarker  Set1 12 Colours + 1 Blender Pen Set

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These 12 Sets provide base selections of essential ProMarker colours in a conveniently packaged.

Ideal for everyday use in all areas of art, design and craft. This set is a good choice for illustrators or students wanting a low cost marker solution. ProMarkers are also suitable for many hobby and craft activities, particularly when applying colour to ink resistant surfaces like wood and glass.

The 12 Set also includes:
A Free ProMarker Blender, representing a further 10% saving vs list price. Use the Blender to soften, merge and blend ProMarker colours together.
Printed ‘how-to’ tips, there’s also a special link to online content providing more in depth information on ProMarker techniques.

Set Colours:
Henna . Ruby . Bright Orange . Canary .Lime Green . Forest Green . Sky Blue . Indigo Blue . Amethyst . Rose Pink . Cool Grey 4 . Black

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