Logan WC3001 Channel Rail

Logan WC3001 Channel Rail

Ref: W3001

WC3001 Channel Rail

Product Category: FoamWerks Tools.
Product Description:
For use with various FoamWerks tools including the WC2001 FoamWerks V-Groover and WC6001 FoamWerks Straight Cutter which can ?hook? onto the W3001 Channel Rail to better guide the tool for straighter cuts. The W3001 FoamWerks Channel rail is a 32? (81cm) aluminum rail with rubberized strips to help hold things in place and is scaled on one side with a raised edge on the other to allow some FoamWerks tools to ?hook? on for use.

Price: 19.75 (Including VAT at 20%)


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